We are proud that our nine origin 2740 Ltd. has been honored with the NY Product Design Award 2021! The winning frame won in the Eyewear Category/Fashion & Lifestyle.

About NY Product Design Awards

The NY Product Design Awards was established with the purpose to honor and recognize product designers who contribute to the advancement of the field, regardless if the results are incremental or completely revolutionary.

A well-thought-out design is not just functional, but it can be aesthetically pleasing as well. To then take it a step further, and include provisions for what the future may hold, makes a design truly remarkable. Going beyond provisioning for the current era, and paving a path for future possibilities, that is what sets excellent designers apart.

About nine origin 2740 Ltd.

nine origin 2740 is a Limited Edition luxury eyewear frame expressing our passion for simplicity and functionality. Designed in Denmark and crafted with special production techniques by Japanese artisans. Unique design details combined with exclusive Japanese Takiron acetate and ultra lightweight titanium. These delicate parts are cut, polished and unified with accurate measurement and techniques passed down through generations. And all titanium parts are plated with palladium. Refined eyewear that truly defines luxury.